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Конкурс творческих работ "My college!"

Сегодня, 15 ноября 2018 года, прошел конкурс творческих работ "My college!"


«My college»

Made by the 1st year student Nasirova Alina   

I would like to tell you about my college. I study in a Multiprofile Professional College. The college was founded in 1962. My college is not very new, but it is nice and comfortable. I study here for the first year. 1175 pupils study in our college and 15 specialties.

On the first floor of the building there is a hall, a canteen, a gym, a cloak-room, a library, a museum, an assembly hall and some classes. On the second floor there is a director’s office, computer classes, reception, an educational part and some classes. On the third and fourth floors there are classes. We also have sports ground and a hostel.

When I come to college, I take off my jacket and go to the cloak-room. Then I go to class. My favourite subjects at college are English and Russian. For lunch I go home.

Classes at our college begin at 8:00 and finish at 3:50 o’clock p.m. In this institution there are a lot of laboratories where we will do practical training. There is a lot of new professional equipment there.

Our students take an active part in events and competitions. College life is difficult but I know it’s rewarding! I’m very proud to be a student of this college.        I        t is one of the best colleges in the city. I like my college.


Sibay Multiprofil Professional College

                                Composition "My  College"

made by the 1st year student Davletkildina Gulyuzum

 My name is Gulyuzum. I’m sixteen years old. I live in Sibay city, Bashkortostan,Russia. I have recently graduated from my high school and entered Sibay Multiprofil Professional College.It is one of the best colleges in the city.My main subject in college is Mathematics.They think i like most off all my education here because there is no need in studying numerous useless subjects as i used to do at school.In my college  there is no chemistry,geography and some other school subjects which i do not really need,that's why i have more time to concentrate on hey core subjects and enlarge my knowledge in finance.

My classes at college begin at 8:00 am and end at 15:50 p.m. I study 5 days a week.Usually i have 4 pairs,but there are sometimes additional the 5 th pair. Between the second and the third pair there is a break,usually at i go to the dining room or buffet.

Our college has 1175 students and more than 39 groups. Today, the college provides basic and advanced training in such specialities as Finance, Electrician, Auto Mechanic, Programmer and others. And also in our college we hold a lot of interesting  events, and we try to participate in them.

I'm very proud to be a student of this college. Students of our college take an active part in the competitions like "World Skills".

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